CARFU Referee Society officers

The positions of president, vice-president, and treasurer are elected positions. All other positions are appointed by the president of the CARFU Referee Society. Collective, the Society officers comprise the CARFU Referee Society Executive Board. Contact information for the officers can be found the referee contact page.

Any member in good standing of the Society may run for vice-president and treasurer. Only current and former officers may run for president, unless there are no qualified candidates available.

Current CARFU Referee Society officers:

President: Martin Dunne
Vice-president: Tim Sheridan
Treasurer: Donald Taylor
Referee Assignment Officer: Eric Bangeman
Referee Development Officer: Amanda Cross
Referee Education Officer: Dave Carter
Referee Retention Officer: Dawn McKenzie

Past officers:

  • Shawn Bastic (president, VP)
  • Luke O’Toole (president, VP)
  • Tony Carr (president)
  • Courtney White (vice-president)
  • Josh Houston (assignment officer)
  • David Zaccaria (Treasurer)