Request a Referee

The CARFU Referee Society provides referees for adult, college, and youth clubs at all levels of competition. Please use the appropriate form to make your request.

A competition greater than 5 games is a tournament. A competition of 5 games or fewer is a round robin and can be submitted as a single match request.

The following match fees are in effect beginning January 1, 2024:

A Side / Varsity *B Side / Jr. Varsity10s **7s **
Senior Club$200$120$50$30
High School$160$120$50$30
Middle School$100$100$50$30

* Including high school frosh/soph matches
** Assumes a 14-minute match for 7s and a 20-minute match for 10s.

15s matches that are are scheduled with as less than full-length matches and 10s matches scheduled to run more than 20 minutes total will be billed at the following rates:

Assistant referees are $50 per person per game, with an additional $50 charge for a number four/sideline manager. Clubs may request ARs and sideline managers for any match and those will be provided if they are available. The CARFU Referee Society may require ARs and/or a sideline manager for some matches at the expense of the host club.

  • Senior: $2.50 per minute of game time
  • High school: $2.00 per minute of game time
  • Middle school: $1.50 per minute of game time


There is a mandatory $100 referee manager fee for tournaments. Please submit a bracket no later than five days before so the assignor can properly match the level of match to the level of referee. Make sure to review the tournament location and logistics with the referee assignor, including but not limited to the following:

  • Level of games
  • Number of games
  • Location
  • Start and expected end time
  • Number of fields
  • Length of all games

We understand that brackets change up to and including the day of the tournament but for the Society to provide the appropriate level of referees, this pre-tournament submission is mandatory. Unless arrangements have been made with the assignment officer, the fee schedule is as follows:

  • An additional $50 fee for each day the schedule is delayed.
  • Any changes to the schedule within 24 hours of the tournament beginning will incur a $100 charge.
  • For any teams that are added to the tournament, the organizer will be charged $50 for each additional club added and the match fee doubled for each game the additional team(s) play.

The Referee Society is under no obligation to cover any tournament matches added after the schedule is submitted, although it will make a good-faith effort to do so. The referee assignment officer will provide a itemized list of costs to the tournament organizer after the schedule is finalized. Match fees are to be paid on the day of the tournament to the referee manager unless other arrangements have been made in advance.

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