CARFU Referee Society AGM: February 13

Our next CARFU Referee Society meeting will be held Monday, February 13 starting at 7pm.  We secured Players Indoors in Naperville for the meeting, as we were given a room, plus access to the field turf for an additional hour.

We’ll have Officer elections, so if anyone is interested in a position, please email Shawn directly.  Due for election are President (Bastic) and VP (White).

Eric will present our new scheduling software,, an application that will allow you to get notification of assignments via e-mail or text message.

We’ll cover the new standards for dangerous tackles issued by World Rugby, plus seeing as many referees still struggle with this, we’ll have an on-field application/demonstration of in-goal law.

Finally, we’ll have an optional fitness test (mandatory for some), the Yo-Yo.  USA Rugby is stressing fitness for all referees and adopted the World Rugby test, so while I’d love everyone to run just to see where they are at by USA standards, it is optional.


Room – 7pm
1.  Officer Elections

2. presentation by Eric Bangeman
3.  Dangerous Tackle law update

Turf – 8pm
4.  In-goal law application
5.  (Optional) Yo-Yo test (Required for Bastic, Houston, Stevens, Markowitz and Cross).  Scores due by 2/15 for above individuals.

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