Fall 2016 Invoices Due

Referee invoices for Fall 2016 matches have been sent to all clubs and payment is due by December 17, 2016. If a club submits payment after December 17, a late fee will be imposed.

NOTE: it is a club’s responsibility to notify CARFU-RS if their billing information has changed to ensure the club receives their invoice. If a club does not notify CARFU-RS of their changed billing information (address, club officer email, etc.) and a late fee is imposed, CARFU-RS will not refund the late fee.

Payment Options

  1. Chase QuickPay (send to treasurer@carfu-rs.com)
  2. PayPal (send to treasurer@carfu-rs.com)
  3. Check (mail to CARFU Refs address listed on invoice)

Please email any questions regarding billing, invoices, or payment instructions to treasurer@carfu-rs.com.

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